Christmas eve gift tradition

Christmas eve gift tradition

Long ago, when my brother and I were quite young, somehow this crazy, silly, tradition called “Christmas Eve Gift” was born. We are, ahem. Many families have Christmas Eve traditions that incorporate opening at least one special gift. Often these gifts include. Christmas Eve Gift is generally more common in the Southern states. how several families used this as a part of their Christmas traditions.

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My friend does this game too. At some time it became a verbal greeting instead of some small or elaborate gift. Milna and I decorated the tree some years too. In the instance Christmas eve gift tradition am thinking of, a Black man and a White encounter each other on the street around Christmas the story is set in the height of the Jim Crow daysand the African-American immediately says "Christmas gift, boss!

So if Grandpa started this in his early years, it's Christmas eve gift tradition around the Doherty's for at least years.

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Christmas eve gift tradition -

Apparently it is a Scottish thing as his background was Scottish. I think that you may get a variety of explanations. When you see family for this special holiday, saying "Christmas Eve Gift" announces that you are here and that you are bringing the gift of your presence for the gathering. Maybe, then, the custom was that, if the potential recipient could get the phrase out before the intended donor could speak, the gift took place; if the potential donor got a word in first, no dice.

Her family has always done it. Our custom was to give a "gift" that we had on hand.


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Christmas Eve Tradition of Opening a Gift
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  1. It seems I had touched a chord with many others who practice this annual tradition in their families.

  2. One of the main reasons we have the custom of giving and receiving presents at Christmas, is to remind us of the presents given to Jesus by the Wise Men:

  3. The Quinn family has a lot of heritage and traditions that I have grown to appreciate as I get older.

  4. I conviction I'm posting that in the true constituent of the forum, but I'm convincing someone discretion stir up it if it's wrong.

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