Wham bar gifts for christmas

Wham bar gifts for christmas

Wham Bars: The mighty magnificent Wham Bar! Still same retro wrapper, same great raspberry taste, same chew and same fizzy bits making your tongue tingle. Retro sweets and candy; Bumper gift hamper; Christmas sweets gift; Contains 2 Traffic Light Lollies 1 WHAM Bar (Original) 1 Giant Strawberry Refresher Bar 2 . Buy Original Wham Bars from isshin.info, Ireland's online sweet shop. Wham Bar in the original flavour of raspberry. Wham bar gifts for christmas

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DIY Sweet Christmas Gifts!
Wham bar gifts for christmas This is our best selling generous gift cube containing some of the best retro sweets of all time. Passive aggressive christmas gift 867 Wham bar gifts for christmas Discover a world of unique and personalised gifts. Horrible christmas gift stories

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